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For 42 minutes, a massive heart attack sent Steve Alessi teetering between life and death. He should have died. Instead this brush with death gave him new life. 
When the unimaginable happens at the worst possible time, know that you might be on the cusp of your greatest win yet. Join the author and learn how to move past the darkest, most painful moments of life and into the blessings and hope waiting on the other side. 


Steve alessi



Today, we are bombarded by words that over-radicalize, overpromise, and even flat-out lie. Every article promises a shocking revelation. Every video claims it will change your life. But they seldom deliver.
Clickbait rules the day. But did You know there is more sinister version of this digital phenomenon?  
In the pages of Clickbait, author Christopher J. Alessi shares different forms of spiritual clickbait and how to combat them so Christians can win the real battle for their attention, faith, and peace.