At Metro Life Church, we believe that the key to a successful family, a vibrant career and a significant spiritual life begins with strong, courageous and Godly men; who are GOOD. ┬áThis is why we call the men that lock arms at MLC…Goodfellas. We aim to encourage these men to create productive and profitable lives based on the principle that men ought to (and want to) do good to those around them and closest to them. The Goodfellas are made up of men who are looking to grow and develop their life and fulfill their God-given destiny. We teach the tenets of authentic manhood and all matters of manliness for living upright. We do this through effective instruction, accountability, small groups, special interests groups and events throughout the year that promote camaraderie for all men at MLC.

The Big Game – Men’s Event

Join us Friday, June 9th for our Goodfellas Event, “The Big Game” with The Hollywood Hunter, Freddy Harteis.

Date: Friday, June 9th

Time: 7pm

$10 at the Door

To Register, please click here.