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Metro Life Church is a Christian ministry serving families in both the Dadeland and Doral communities.
Come check out the #funchurch in South Florida as seen on our Instagram page:

 Be sure to join us tonight at 7pm as we wrap up the #WWF series, "The End is Real", and make sure to bring a friend! #FunChurch #MLC  Gonna be a sweet event on October 31st at our #dadelandcampus. #funchurch  Some of the coolest middle school kids around with their crazy but fun leaders from @infuzmiami. #funchurch
 We are counting down the days to our #CandyCrushMLC Carnival! Make plans to join us for this SWEET event which will include these FRIED OREOS on Friday, Oct. 31 at 7pm at our #dadelandcampus. #funchurch  Our new Life Center is looking beautiful but we need your help to add the final touches for our kids and youth. Visit our registry on Target FIRST NAME: MLC and LAST NAME: LIFE CENTER. Please pick up an item or two and bring with you to our Ribbon Cutting celebration on Wednesday October 29th. #doralcampus  We are having a whole lot of fun discovering our personalities and spiritual gifts at Champ Life this morning. Register for our next Champ Life experience which begins Sunday, November 2nd at #funchurch #doralcampus #dadelandcampus
 It's a #SweetSunday at MLC this weekend. Bring a bag of candy to help for #candycrushMLC next week and YOU get a Sweet Pastry and a Pumpkin Spice Latte on Sunday morning. #doralcampus #dadelandcampus #funchurch  Just two weeks left in this powerful #WWFmlc series. Make plans to join us tonight at 7 pm. #dadelandcampus #doralcampus  Welcome Peanut Butter JAMZ to our #dadelandcampus! #funchurch
 Our Candy Crush Carnival is just 10 days away! Join us for this SWEET event Oct. 31 at 7pm at our #dadelandcampus! #CandyCrushMLC #FunChurch  Alessi Legacy. #foundersday #dadelandcampus  We have with us today special guest, Tim Bagwell! Come out & join us at 10am at our #dadelandcampus or 11am or 1pm at our #doralcampus! #MLC #funchurch
 Check this out!! Bring a bag (or two) of candy this Sunday, October 26th to any of our services and we will treat YOU to a Pumpkin Spice Latte and a breakfast treat. #sweetSunday #funchurch #doralcampus #dadelandcampus  The Spirit of God is strong in here. #foundersday #dadelandcampus  It's a great morning here at #MLC! Be sure to join us at one of our many services today, 9, 11, 1 pm at our #doralcampus or 10 am at our #dadelandcampus and get some coffee too! #funchurch
 You don't want to miss @dromanroad message today "You got to know"! Join us at 11am or 1pm at our #doralcampus or at 10am at our #dadelandcampus #MLC #funchurch  We are celebrating 51 years of ministry in South Florida at our #dadelandcampus. Join us at 7pm for a powerful service with Pastor Tim Bagwell. #foundersday  Join us at 1 of our great services this Sunday- 10am in Dadeland or 9am, 11am & 1pm in Doral. We also have a special service at 7pm in Dadeland with Pastor Tim Bagwell. #doralcampus #dadelandcampus #funchurch
 Come & worship him this morning with us at our #doralcampus -9am, 11am, 1pm or at 10am at our #dadelandcampus #MLC  Carnival Fun for Founder's Day at our #dadelandcampus. @mlc_jamz #funchurch  While you are out running errands today please pick up a bag or two (no hard candy please). Our Candy Crush community outreach is just a few weeks away and we need your help to make it a SWEET event! #candycrushMLC #dadelandcampus

Metro Life Church in:

10045 NW 19th St.
Miami, FL, 33172

Metro Life Church in:

8100 SW 104 Street
MIAMI FL, 331356

Doral Campus
10045 NW 19th Street
Miami, Florida 33172


Dadeland Campus
8100 SW 104th Street
Miami, Fl 33156