Metro Life Church is a Christian ministry serving families in both the Dadeland and Doral communities.
Come check out the #funchurch in South Florida as seen on our Instagram page:

 Thanks to our partnership with the City of Doral and Mayor Luigi Boria and Vice Mayor Sandra Ruiz along with Miami Dade Commisioner Jose Pepe Diaz, we have more than enough turkeys to give to our Single Moms! Register for your bird and trimmings at #grateful #thanksgiving #outreach  From @lbeers18 - These Pastors have helped me and my family through the thick and thin. They are great people who do nothing but love and embrace their church community. #welovethealessis #funchurch #metrolifechurch  When your disease crosses your destiny who is going to win? People may sustain us but only God can heal us. #GodHeals
 From @yoshikagreen  Happy Birthday Pastor Steve!!! Today I thank God that you were born! It's an honor to have you in my life! Enjoy every minute of celebrating you...YOU deserve it and more. I love you and all of JAMZ loves you too (even Peanut Butter )!  From @premierdesignsbynatalie- Honoring our amazing Pastors and their family today! Thank you for setting such a wonderful example for the rest of us. We love you, honor you and may God's blessings continue to pour out on all of you  #welovethealessis #loveourpastors #blessed  Today we are honoring the Alessi Family during our Season of Thanks. Please take a moment during the beginning of service to share a word of encouragement from your heart as to how our Pastors and their family have impacted your life. Please post on social media and use the hashtag #welovetheAlessis
 From @serftherealtor @steve_alessi the best from all of us #happybirthdaypastor #s6  From @u_nique_ly_me - Thank you Alessi Family for being loving, transparent & REAL!!! #WeLoveTheAlessis  #GodlyFamilyExample #HappyBirthdayPastorSteve @metrolifechurch  From Pastor @steve_alessi - I'm tackling Healthcare this Sunday at all our services. Special Prayer will be had for those who are sick. A band aide isn't good enough, we're believing for Healing!! #GodHears #GodHelps #GodHeals #DoralCampus  9 & 11 AM & 1 PM #Dadelandcampus  10 AM #FaithChurch #funchurch #expectamiracle
 It's a very special day for the greatest Pastor on earth. Happy Birthday Pastor Steve. We love and appreciate you. The entire MLC family wishes you a fantastic day!!  From @_pebbles92 - #welovethealessis Pastor @steve_alessi praying for my dad when we were leaving the sanctuary.  Our Season of Thanks continues this weekend as we turn our gratitude to our wonderful Pastors. Join us on both campuses as we celebrate and honor The Alessi Family and pour into THEIR lives for all they do to serve us throughout the year. #seasonofthanks #honor #funchurch
 From @mhoefel - In these pictures there are 7 years of wonderful memories that our Pastors and their amazing kids have not only blessed Michael and I but have poured so much love on our princess. We thank God for allowing us to be under their covering, leadership and their endless love. @steve_alessi @maryalessi @chrisalessi @stephy_alessi @lauren_alessi @gaby_alessi We LOVE you! May God continue to pour his abundant blessings and anointing and each of you. #welovethealessis #blessed #seadonofthanks #thankful ❤️  From @pdjewelrychick - Giving thanks for our wonderful pastors @steve_alessi & @maryalessi and their family. During a difficult time when we were looking for a church home 2 of our great friends invited us to @metrolifechurch and we've been back most every Sunday since. Thank you Pastors for creating an environment where we have felt at home from the very first service we went to. #welovethealessis  From @laura_smythers - What a great night with some great young couples! #Food #Fun #Football #Fellowship || Love our #Hitched young married groups! Looking forward to our next hangout! @metrolifechurch #HitchedThanksgivingPotluck
 From @jennysellsmiami - So THANKFUL for the opportunity to have met Pastors Steve Alessi & Mary Alessi over 9 years ago. Making @metrolifechurch our Family Home Church where thru Celebrations & Challenging times, our Pastors have been Encouraging, Loving and Supportive! We have built friendships thru their example to connect with on another, to put our differences aside and to Love One Another no matter where we are in our Walk with God. Their family and children Chris Alessi Stephanie Alessi @laurenalessi @gabyallessi are a Beautiful examples of how our children can grow Up in the ways of th Lord and serve His Kindom. Thank You for Continuing to Water a Seed that day by day is Growing! We Love U! #thankful #memories #welovethealessis #speedracer #vipoftheweek #funchurch  From @vaughnbiggs - This lady lives what she sings and speaks about. And she's far to busy loving Jesus and others to even worry about being a superstar @maryalessi #welovethealessis  From @mandogomez_ - Good to have Dave @dromanroad pressing the reboot button at #DadelandCampus @metrolifechurch #ChristmasReboot #HeCanTeeeech
 From @erik_aramburo - My Pastors @steve_alessi & @maryalessi dwell among the greats when it comes to authentic leadership and a true love for people. They stay true and genuine to the demand God put on their lives and it reflects through their children and their congregation. My family is blessed and better under their leadership. Thank you so very much Pastors for giving so much of your lives in order for so many to be saved. #welovetheAlessis  Praying blessings, health and protection over the Alessi Family. #welovethealessis #seasonofthanks  Living in God's provision makes you fearless in your giving. @maryalessi #christmasreboot

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